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[PHOTOS] Volvo Reveals New Polestar Performance Parts for Select Cars

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Four 2016 Volvo models can now be equipped with new premium performance parts from Polestar

The Volvo V40, S60, and XC90 are all now offered with Polestar Performance Parts

The Volvo brand has made many strides in the last few years in order to reach the level of success it is currently enjoying. Already well-known for focusing on the safety of its vehicles, Volvo also acquired Polestar last year to be its in-house tuning badge. That relationship has now expanded to where Polestar is offering premium performance parts for four Volvo models.

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The new premium parts will go by the name of Polestar Performance Parts. These parts have been designed by engineers and racers to enhance the performance, as well as visual appeal, of the XC60 crossover, S60 sedan, V60 sportswagon, and the V40 model that is sold overseas. Parts for additional models will be offered at later dates.

“We have received strong feedback over a long period of time from customers all over the world regarding Polestar Performance Parts,” said Niels Möller, chief operating officer of Polestar. “We are delighted to be able to meet the demand, starting from today. This is a product improving on the already strong base of Volvo cars in terms of performance, handling and driving pleasure.”

Chassis parts, exhaust pipes, wheels, and detailed pieces for both the interior and exterior are among the first parts to become available from Polestar. A few specific parts being offered to begin with include lightweight 21-inch wheels that reduce the car’s unsprung mass, as well as specialized shock absorbers and coil springs that firm up the vehicle’s ride.

Opting for the Polestar Performance Parts will not affect the Volvo vehicle’s factory warranty. In addition, the parts can be ordered in separate or complete packages.

”What we learned on the racing circuits with our colleagues at Cyan Racing is that championships are not won in a single lap. The secret of our success on the tracks is in creating balanced and precise cars that are predictable for the driver to control in all situations. Lessons learned on the tracks are transferred directly into the development of our road cars and performance products,” said R&D Director of Polestar Henrik Fries. “The new range of Polestar Performance Parts is no exception, they are designed and developed with the very same philosophy.”

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