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Plan for Your Health on Your Next Road Trip

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Vacation is synonymous with letting go, and often that means letting go of good eating habits and regular exercising. Getting away is a chance to splurge, take a break from our over-scheduled lives, and reward ourselves for working so hard.

But, neglecting our health on a road trip will tank the joy of the getaway. So, if you’re planning to hit the road this Memorial Day weekend, be sure to plan for your health.

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To avoid the morning rush and muscle strain, pack your car the night before you leave. According to Rodale’s Organic Life writer Emily Main, “Fluids pool in your spinal disks while you sleep, and that makes your lower back tight and sensitive to irritation when you first wake up.”

To keep your diet on track while on the road, do some meal prep and pack healthy snacks and even a picnic lunch, advises Main. By packing ahead of time, you’ll save money on dining out and avoid desperate fast food runs.

“Sandwiches on whole wheat bread will prevent you from feeling draggy, and peppermints are healthier stimulants than caffeine, which can lead to energy crashes,” reports Main.

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To ease back pain while driving, Main suggests the driver retain good posture by adjusting the rearview mirror a little higher.

To keep healthy circulation and prevent blood clots from forming in the legs–deep-vein thrombosis, which is a very serious and dangerous condition–Main advises drivers and passengers plan for pit stops every two to three hours where they can exit the vehicle safely, stand, and walk around a bit. While in the car, Main suggests flexing your ankles.

Upon arrival to your destination, Main recommends incorporating some physical activity, like walking, into your vacation plans to keep your normal healthy routine on track.

By planning for your health, you’ll make sure your next road trip is unforgettable, in a good way.

News Source: Rodale’s Organic Life