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‘Plane Crash’ Turns Out To Be A Jet-Propelled Semi Truck’s Bath

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An airplane crash is very serious business. There is a combination there of high speed, high altitude, and flammable fuel that makes any emergency response a large-scale action.

That is why, after receiving a call that claimed that a plane had crashed on a Missouri farm, Greene County’s emergency vehicles turned out in force, with four ambulances, three deputies, a few highway patrol officers, a firetruck, and a few other assorted vehicles converging on the farm.

The only problem was that it wasn’t a plane crash – it was just the caller’s neighbor washing his jet-engine-propelled semi truck.

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Shockwave Jet truck

U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A
Photo: Youtube

The truck is called the Shockwave, and it is owned by Springfield, Missouri, resident Neal Darnell, who (along with his son) takes it and two other jet-propelled (pickup) trucks to shows across the country, where they perform stunts like setting stacks of cars on fire and racing fighter planes.

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Part of the cleaning process of this behemoth involves firing up the engine, which creates some very loud noise and a huge cloud of white smoke (which his neighbors mistook for a plane crash).

No citations were issued once emergency responders discovered the truth, since the callers honestly believed that there was a danger, so, after a friendly exchange with Darnell, the responders departed.

“The cops thought it was cool,” Darnell said.


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