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Plans for Nissan-Based Mitsubishi Midsize Car Have Stalled

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Mitsubishi Galant

Mitsubishi Galant
Photo: Jeremyg3030 via Flickr

Nissan and Mitsubishi were in talks for Mitsubishi to share technology in return for a Nissan-based Mitsubishi midsize car, but these plans have stalled for the time being. At this year’s NADA conference, Mitsubishi informed their dealership network of the issue, but declined to elaborate on why the talks froze.

Mitsubishi hasn’t had a midsize sedan on the market in the US since the Galant in 2012. The Nissan-Mitsubishi joint venture to offer a new midsize car was announced in 2013, but is clearly still having issues coming to fruition.

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The company has been part of many joint ventures in the past, mostly with Chrysler, with which the brand created Diamond Star Motors to develop and share cars like the Mitsubishi Eclipse. They also sold a rebadged Dodge Dakota pickup truck as the Mitsubishi Raider.

Mitsubishi dealers in the US would certainly enjoy a new midsize sedan offering, which is a highly popular segment in this country that they’re currently missing out on. Even so, Mitsubishi sales enjoyed a significant increase last year thanks to many new incoming products such as the new Outlander and a redesigned 2016 Lancer on the way.

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