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Police Escort a Utah Woman to Her Critically Ill Son

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In light of the overabundance of unhappy news stories of late, it is good now and then to reflect on the happier side of life, on stories that reflect the kindness of strangers. This story is especially heartwarming, as it demonstrates a time when police officers and citizens work together to make something magical happen. In the story, police escort a Utah woman across the state to see her critically ill son while there is still time.

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It all started when Randy Smith was hospitalized in Ogden, Utah, which is about 350 miles north of where his 87-year-old mother, Helen, lives. When Helen received the call that her son was dying, she hopped in her car in south Nevada and took off toward Ogden. She was shortly pulled over, however, by Jeff Jones, for a traffic violation.

Helen was so out of sorts, however, that, after accepting the ticket, she accidently backed into Jones’ police vehicle. At that point, Jones realized that Helen was in no condition to drive, so he had her car towed to a safe location and began to take her to her son himself.  When he reached the county line, Jones passed her off to another trooper. Then that trooper took her to the next county line, and so forth, like a relay baton.

Police Escort a Utah Woman to Her Critically Ill Son

When Jones realized Helen could not drive any farther, he took it upon himself to get her to her son.

In total, four police troopers banded together to get Helen to the hospital to visit with her son. “Four good-lookin’ patrol boys brought me,” she told KUTV.

“She was very excited to tell me about her dogs, her cat, and her hometown,” said Trooper Andrew Pollard. “To hold her hand walking into the hospital was very, very rewarding.”

At this point, Randy is still in critical condition, but Helen is forever grateful for the four kind officers who took her to see her son.

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News Source: KUTV