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Pontiac Ventura Honoring Dolphins’ Perfect Season for Auction

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1972 Pontiac Ventura Miami Dolphins' Perfect Season 1

Show your remaining team spirit with a Dolphins-themed Ventura
Photo: Mecum Auctions

For those Miami Dolphins fan who have stuck around through the bullying scandals, the revolving door of quarterbacks and coaches, the disappointingly average seasons, and life after Dan Marino, we might have the car for you.

If you’re still holding onto the glory days–like the retired players from their undefeated 1972 season–and want to surround yourself in deeper denial that the team has become the poster child of mediocrity, check out this custom-decorated 1972 Pontiac Ventura honoring the Miami Dolphins’ perfect season.

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1972 Pontiac Ventura Miami Dolphins' Perfect Season 2

Even the underside of the Dolphins Ventura is painted
Photo: Mecum Auctions

If you’re looking for a time machine to transport you back to when the Miami Dolphins went 17-0 and stomped the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII, head down to the Kissimmee auction block in Florida to get this one-of-a-kind 1972 Dolphins-mobile.

The ’72 Ventura features a V8 engine, automatic transmission, air conditioning (that’s useful down in Miami), MSD ignition, custom console, fold-down bench seat, and Eagle alloy wheels. The most desirable part is easily the decklid autographed by players from the Dolphins’ undefeated season. Both the interior and exterior are decked out in vibrant orange and teal, the team’s unique color scheme.

Honestly, it isn’t too ugly, all things considered. It’s a lot more appealing than that horrific Marlins Manmobile we saw last year.

1972 Pontiac Ventura Miami Dolphins' Perfect Season 3

Wait, which NFL team was this car for? It’s too subtle.
Photo: Mecum Auctions

The auction, held by Mecum Auctions, begins this Friday and runs through January 25th. Early estimates on the selling price all exceed $25,000–what such a car would go for without the Dolphins customization. Now it’s time to see how dedicated the team’s fans–and their wallets–still are.

So far, there’s no explanation what “porpoise” the car’s owner has selling it, but perhaps he’s finally accepted the team’s fate.

1972 Pontiac Ventura Miami Dolphins' Perfect Season 4

Honestly, there aren’t nearly enough Dolphins stickers and memorabilia on this engine. The designer was clearly slacking.
Photo: Mecum Auctions

The only condition after winning the car is that you’re expected to listen to Mercury Morris’ self-satisfied rapping from the car’s Xplod subwoofer and amplifier.

So, you might want to reconsider placing that bid.

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