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“Pooh”-Dunnit: Belarus Man Steals Winnie-the-Pooh Toy Car From Supermarket

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Caught with his sticky fingers in the Honey Jar! Image: On Demand News

Caught with his sticky fingers in the Honey Jar!
Image: On Demand News

Oh Bother, somebody’s going to jail! A Belarus man was recently arrested by police for stealing a Winnie-the-Pooh toy car from a Minsk supermarket earlier this past May.

Belarus police released a video of the incident, which has since become viral. The video can be seen here, courtesy of On Demand News:

The theft occurred on May 6th. A Belarus man wearing a bright blue track suit can be seen entering the supermarket. For a good portion of the incident, the man is speaking to someone over the phone, quite possibly Christopher Robin.

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Next, the man takes a seat on a nearby Winnie-the-Pooh toy car. In a bizarre twist, he begins riding away on the push-powered Pooh Bear.

The man proceeds to drive the Winnie-mobile around large sections of the supermarket. He finally reaches the exit, leaving the shopping center and scooting across the parking lot. Presumably, he was on his way to the Hundred Acre Wood.

It's Pooh Corner or bust!

It’s Pooh Corner or bust!

Minsk Police, desperate to catch this Woozle of a man, made an appeal to the public for anyone who had any knowledge of the thief to come forward, ensuring them of animosity. If this is as bad as crime gets in Belarus, I know what country I want to move to!

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More than two months later, a Belarus laborer came forward and confessed to the crime. He reportedly told police that he was drunk at the time. He must have seen some Pink Heffalumps on Parade!

Although the world’s most immature thief has been apprehended, he could not recall what he did with the Pooh cruiser, and the toy is still missing. If you have any information, contact the Belarus Police or Pooh’s pal Tigger. That’s spelled T-I-Double G-E-R.

He's kind of hard to miss, considering he's the only one! Image: Deror avi

He’s kind of hard to miss, considering he’s the only one!
Image: Deror avi

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