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Pope Francis Rides a Honda Ballade in Kenya

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Pope Francis drives Honda Ballade Popemobile in Kenya

Photo Credit: SokoAnalyst

What does Pope Francis have in common with James Bond? They are both known for cruising around foreign locales in a wide variety of ever-changing vehicles. The main difference between the superspy and the pontiff is that the former is known for choosing exotic sports cars, while the latter is notable for picking much more practical rides.

The latest affordable Popemobile is a Honda Ballade compact car, which Pope Francis rode around in during the first day of his three-day visit to Kenya. As usual, the Pope’s choice of vehicle is an intentionally modest and efficient automobile, to show that Francis is truly an (infallible) man of the people.

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This time, though, Francis’ choice of rental car acts as even more of a statement than usual. According to Quartz Africa, the Honda was meant to contrast with the big, expensive, gas-guzzling luxury SUVs and limousines that the country’s leaders tend to drive around in, while 46% of their citizens live in poverty.

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In addition to his sensible set of wheels, Pope Francis ingratiated himself to the Kenyan people by visiting a Kangemi slum in Nairobi, and condemning corruption during his speech at the city’s Kasarani stadium. Calling corruption a “path to death,” Francis earned lots of applause from the African audience, though few plaudits from the politicians seated on stage with him.

News Source: QZ

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