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Port-A-John Truck Crash Creates Constipated Traffic

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Image: Alan Light

There’s really no better start to a news story than the following from Kiro TV in Washington:

“A truck hauling portable toilets crashed Tuesday on Interstate 5 near Bellingham.

They were not empty.”

In a crash that must have left every driver on the I-5 highway in a seriously crappy mood, the port-a-john truck struck another vehicle, blocking both lanes of the freeway with wreckage and dumping about 20 gallons of pure human waste.

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After an hour, the traffic backup had extended to five miles behind the scene as an honest-to-goodness haz-mat team worked with a pump truck to wipe up the spilled…er, material.

The Washington State Department of Transportation, by the way, was very amused:

Thankfully, there were only minor injuries, according to State Trooper Mark Francis.

To paraphrase a common saying, some days you are the dog, and some days you, the car next to you, and the whole highway are the hydrant.

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