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A Positive Problem to Have: Toyota Odometers Stop at 299,999 Miles

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Don’t you just hate it when you get to 299,999 miles and your odometer won’t go any further? Wait, you’ve never had a car last long enough to find out? Perhaps you should be driving a Toyota.

Toyota odometer

The Matrix is one of the models affected by the Toyota odometer issue

This issue affects the Toyota Matrix, some Toyota Corolla models, and the first-generation Toyota Prius. Drivers of all three models have noted that once they reach 299,999 miles, their odometers stop. This is a problem for drivers of these models, some of whom determine when their cars need routine maintenance based on their mileage. Additionally, certain states require annual emissions testing, and facilities must note each vehicle’s mileage on their reports. If a car’s odometer has maxed out, estimating your mileage can be tricky.

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That being said, cars can still pass the tests that allow drivers to register their vehicles with maxed-out odometers, provided the state is provided full disclosure. And it’s possible to replace an odometer—it just costs $580. One driver reached out to Toyota directly, and was able to get the automaker to agree to pay half for a new odometer. The reason Toyota won’t pay full price is because it considers this a maintenance issue. Drivers whose odometers have reached their limits are encouraged to reach out to Toyota directly for information on compensation rather than reaching out to dealerships.

Toyota Odometer

The first generation Prius is also affected

Perhaps Toyota should somehow work its maxed-out odometers into its next ad campaign. Highlighting the fact that multiple drivers have noticed their odometers maxing out at 299,999 miles is certainly a selling point for customers who want to keep their cars for years and years—provided the manufacturer makes odometers with no mechanical limits in the future. What a problem to have!

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