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Possible Subaru STI Teaser Appears before NYC

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Subaru STI Teaser
Before yesterday, we were expecting the 2015 Outback to be the highlight of Subaru’s showing at the New York International Auto Show. But then Subaru left us a rather cryptic tweet that got us all really excited. The tweet contained the picture seen above, along with the caption, “See you at the New York International Auto Show.”

We have a pretty big hunch that the large, blue wing in the unexpected picture belongs to the STI, and our best guess is that we can expect a special edition—hopefully a high-performance special edition, to boot. After all, a later tweet, which contained the same image, indicated that the possible Subaru STI teaser comes from Subaru Motorsports. As such, it is very likely we’ll get the high-performance version we’re itching for.

Of course, we don’t know anything absolutely quite yet. All the answers should come on Thursday, April 17, at 10:55am EST, when Subaru will be making its official presentation. Be sure to check back in then for more news on the all-new Outback and to confirm our suspicions about the Subaru STI teaser that none of us saw coming.