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Possible UAW Strike At GM Narrowly Averted

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Mary Barra GM UAW

General Motors CEO Mary Barra opens negotiations with the UAW

Yesterday, October 25th, at 11:59pm was the deadline for the United Auto Workers and General Motors to reach a new agreement. If the agreement was not reached before the time ran out, GM could have faced a pricy strike of its unionized work force. In the style of a procrastinating college student or an American reluctant to pay their taxes, an agreement was reached just 16 minutes before the deadline at 11:43pm.

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The UAW and General Motors are staying pretty tight-lipped about the contents of the agreement for now, as it has not been seen by the voting union members yet or put to a vote. That will come on Wednesday, if all goes as planned.

According to several sources, the agreement improves job security for the Americans working for the automotive giant in their union shops. It is also rumored that there is a significant increase in wages built into the agreement. The UAW worked recently to renegotiate their agreement with Fiat Chrysler, and there had to be a revision of the original offer after the first was voted down by union membership.

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Both GM and UAW leadership are optimistic about this agreement and its ability to pass the vote later this week.

News Source: USAToday