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Pricey Car Condos Popping Up Around the Country

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Cars, especially luxury or vintage models, are major investments that need a decent amount of pampering to help them run well for years to come, all while looking their best. For some wealthier auto enthusiasts, running out of space in the garage is a very real problem, and collectors in crowded cities with large parking structures might not want their beautiful rides sitting where a scratch or ding is inevitable. Several companies saw the need for safe parking for luxury cars, and car condos were born.

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That’s right, I said car condos. Facilities offer a luxury living experience, but cars instead of people are the primary tenants. For example, Iron Gate Motor Condos is a recently completed complex outside of Chicago that offers garages with space upstairs for everything from offices, storage, movie rooms, bars, and more (but no beds, thanks to zoning ordinances). The Chicago Tribune remarked that the spaces were perfect for the “ultimate man cave”.

If you are already rolling your eyes at the idea of a car that deserves its own condo, you’ll be happy to know that these gearhead getaways can cost about the same amount as a house for humans. The Iron Gate Condos’ most affordable space starts at $129,000, and that’s before utilities and a monthly condo association fee. What’s even harder to swallow is the realization that several members of the Chicago facility have purchased multiple units and combined them into super car condos.

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To be fair, several of these facilities use their collections to draw crowds for charity events and other fundraisers. They also host many community events that allow car collectors to gather and swap stories and ownership tips, so it seems like the ideal space for enthusiasts to gather. If you’re lucky enough to have the spare change and car collection facilities like this are built for, they could be a great investment. The rest of us will just continue to park our cars at our human homes.

News Source: Chicago Tribune

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