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Professional Driver Works Without Driver’s License For Nearly Four Decades

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Gheorghe Ungureanu

Gheorghe Ungureanu has worked as a professional driver for 39 years without a driver’s license

When you get into a hired car, you probably expect the driver behind the wheel to have his or her license. It’s common sense. And typically, you would be right—unless you happen to have Gheorghe Ungureanu as your driver.

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Ungureanu, a Romanian who has worked in France as a driver, is currently facing up to three years of jail time after being pulled over for driving 15 miles per hour over the speed limit near his home. While you might not expect this speeding infraction to have such a heavy penalty, the Romanian driver isn’t facing jail time because he was speeding. It turns out, this man who literally drives for a living hasn’t had his driver’s license in 39 years. Yeah, you read that correctly. 39 years.

Supposedly, in 1976 while he was in Romania, Gheorghe got caught drunk behind the wheel. At the time, his license was suspended and eventually revoked. During that time, he didn’t get his license back because he was too busy driving a variety of vehicles for a living, from cars to small trucks.

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Eventually, Ungureanu left Romania and headed to France. It was here that he ended up working as a professional hired car driver. And just how did he get by without a license? He lied and said that his documents had been stolen.

So the next time you get into a taxi or hired car, you might want to double check if your driver has his license with him. Just in case.

News Source: CarScoops