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Protect Your Car from Damage in a Parking Lot

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If you park your car in a parking lot or parking garage, it’s inevitable that one day your car will suffer a dent, bump, nick, or scratch from another vehicle. And, chances are you’ll never know the culprit, and the responsibility of your car’s repair will be all yours.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to 100 percent prevent your car from getting damaged in a parking lot, but with these tips from Price’s Collision writer, Nabanita Dutt, you can increase your odds that your car will remain intact and dent-free while waiting it out in a parking lot or garage.

Don’t settle for the first open spot or a spot closest to the building; according to Dutt, a rear or middle spot of a parking lane is a more strategic selection for your car’s safety.

If you can pull through to the opposite space, often referred to as “modern parking,” you will minimize your risk of hitting anything that is behind you or hiding out in your blindspot while backing out, according to Dutt.

Be aware of the height of your neighboring vehicles; if you park next to a vehicle that mimics the height of your vehicle, your car’s protective moldings should do a bang up job of protecting your car doors from damage, according to Dutt. However, if your neighboring car is taller than your car, chances are your protective moldings will do little to protect the dents caused by that SUV, truck, or van.

If Mother Nature is in a blustery mood, car doors tend to blow open on their own; Dutt recommends parking farther away to reduce potential contact on windy days.

If you think the neighboring car door, when completely open, will scratch yours, it’s best to park somewhere else, suggests Dutt, who notes that a car with a child seat is a good indicator that its doors will probably need to be fully extended.

Finally, don’t make it easy for your car to get hit by parking sloppily or at an angle, advises Dutt.

News Source: Price’s Collision Centers

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