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Purported Ford Designer in AMA: New Bronco “Very Similar” to Everest

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New Ford Everest

A Reddit AMA that took place in the r/fordranger subreddit on Monday revealed a number of potentially interesting details about the upcoming Ford Ranger mid-size pickup that may or may not have been divulged by someone working at the project. The same AMA also provided some equally potentially interesting details on the upcoming Bronco, which was also confirmed to be returning to the United States this past weekend.

The dealer of much speculation in this case is the now-deleted Reddit account FordDesignBurner. While there is plenty of room to be skeptical of the claims made within the AMA, the fact that the user’s claim of working at the Ford Product Development Center in Dearborn was more or less confirmed through mod verification.

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Of particular note is FordDesignBurner’s flat, frank, and palpably disappointing response when asked to divulge some details about the new Bronco: “It will be very similar to the current Ford Everest.” It was also explained that “many suspension and powertrain parts will be common between the Ranger and Bronco.”

When asked the same question again, the user responded: It will essentially be a rebadged Everest but there will be differences. It will be a 4 door.”

As far as performance is concerned, FordDesignBurner had the following to say:

We are benchmarking the Wrangler Unlimited for design considerations on the Bronco, but the doors/roof/windshield won’t move. There’s lots of OJ jokes around the office here but I have a feeling the marketing guys will be trying to avoid him 😉

You heard it here first, folks: Ford is not likely to attempt to market the new Ford Bronco with OJ Simpson jokes.

Finally, FordDesignBurner confirmed the one burning question that many have asked since the return of the Bronco was confirmed. It is expected to have a panoramic sunroof option.

Oh yes.

One thing that also seems to have been confirmed is that the new Bronco will be body-on-frame, insofar that Jalopnik’s David Tracy overheard Bill Ford saying as much after the announcement.

Given that it is not likely to be seen in its final form for quite some time, it can only be presumed that the speculation will continue in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

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