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Enjoy the Silence: Quieter Lincolns Let You Better Enjoy the Road

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Quieter Lincolns

Shhh…do you hear that? No? Exactly

There is no quicker way to absolutely murder the quality feel of a ride in a premium automobile than a noisy ride. After all, it’s hard to be lost in a world of absolute luxury—or whatever it is that luxury automakers think you’ll do when you’re behind the wheel of one of their rides—when you have every little road noise imaginable rushing into your ears while you’re trying to listen to Vivaldi. If there’s anything we hate, it’s being interrupted while in the midst of our daily Vivaldi.

Lincoln is looking to block out as much of that noisome noise as possible by offering quieter cabins in its new 2015 model year lineup.

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“To attract a new luxury client, we’re elevating all aspects of the driving experience, including an intense focus on providing a quiet interior,” said Scott Tobin, director, Lincoln Product Development. “A combination of engineering, manufacturing and design related actions are being implemented to provide a calm, comfortable environment, and a better customer experience.”

Matthew McConaughey

“The 2015 Lincoln MKC is so quiet, I can hear the extinction of the human race unfolding before us all.”

Of course, this information wouldn’t have come from a Lincoln press release if it didn’t also include a barely-tangentially-related reference to luxury hotels, citing the October 6 issue of Fortune magazine and its discussion of high-end hotels promoting the luxury of silence as part of the experience. Because, you know, Fortune magazine and wealth and luxury and all that.

Some of the elements Lincoln draws upon to ensure quieter cabins for its customers include: sound-absorbing interior trim panels; side mirrors designed with acoustics and aerodynamics in mind; more noise reducing material in the pillars, carpet, and trim panels; improved door sealing; the “Do Not Disturb” feature on Ford SYNC®; sound-canceling active noise control; and acoustic-laminate windshield and front side glass in the 2015 Lincoln MKC Reserve package.

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