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Ram Grabs Patent For Integrated Fold-Out Pickup Truck Ramp

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Ram Patent

Ram has received a patent for a fold-out pickup truck ramp

Have you ever tried to load the bed of your pickup truck, only to wish you had a ramp to help you do the job? Well, Ram Trucks might finally give you exactly what you want.

Ram recently received a patent for a truly innovative—and so far, completely nonexistent—pickup truck feature that is sure to make truck lovers everywhere grin: a fold-out ramp integrated into the bed of the truck.

Seriously, why didn’t we think of that?

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The patent is known by the fancy title “Adjustable Loading Ramp System for a Vehicle,” and was awarded to Ram on June 30. This system will use two slide-out ramps, which stowaway in the floor of the pickup’s bed. When you want to use them, merely slide them out and lock them into the channels at the end of the folded-down tailgate. It’s that simple. The sliders can even be adjusted to fit the width of the object you’re loading!

While it might be some time until we see the patents enter production—if it ever appears on production models at all— this is the type of innovative thinking we would like to see. Not only does it make truck owners’ lives easier, but it also lights a spark under other carmakers to keep up with this ground-breaking tech.

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News Source: Car and Driver