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Ram Truck Brand Creates Volunteer Corps For Disaster Relief

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2016 Ram 3500

The Ram Truck brand has created a volunteer corps to help during disasters

It’s common knowledge in the car industry—the moment you drive off the lot in a pickup truck, the likelihood of you being asked for favors increases. Whether it’s helping your buddy move or bringing your mom some mulch, the majority of truck owners have a natural instinct to lend a helping hand. Now, the Ram Truck brand is tapping into this instinct, launching “Ram Nation,” a volunteer corps that will allow Ram owners to help out during disaster relief efforts.

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“Ram truck owners have a strong sense of community and have the knowhow, skillset, and willingness to give back,” said Bob Hegbloom, President and CEO of the Ram Truck brand. “They often are the go-to people that others can rely on when help is needed and, for them, the most satisfying reward or glory comes from feeling the pride of accomplishment through hard work.”

Video: Bob Hegbloom talks about Ram Nation

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Ram came up with the idea for Ram Nation after the 2012 Joplin, Missouri tornado. During this disaster, Ram trucks from across the country showed up to help aid works in the relief efforts. The Ram Nation volunteer corps hopes to foster this commitment to others by coming together in times of need to haul supplies, deliver equipment, and help in many other ways.

For more information about Ram Nation—or to join yourself—click here.