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Rapper/Turkey Paul Wall Falls For 2016 Lincoln Continental Hoax

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Paul Wall…anybody remember that guy? Well, if you don’t, he’s the charming fella who made grills a thing back in the mid-2000s. To be clear, when we say grills, we are not referring to gas-or-charcoal-powered appliances that cook meat for you in the summer. We’re talking about obnoxious, bejeweled mouthpieces.

Paul Will Grill

Yep. Those.
Photo: Bradley G/Flickr

In any case, Paul Wall is still a guy, and he’s presumably still out there doing Paul Wall things. One of those things, it would seem, is perpetuating a bunch of bunk about a 2016 Lincoln Continental that we debunked last week. Paul Wall is a turkey.

#free4thWardFish I know my bro gon kill the game when he red this new 2016 Lincoln Continental  #SlabGod  #Repost @mescaline_american

A photo posted by Paul Wall The Po Up Poet (@paulwallbaby) on

Let’s refresh, shall we?

The top image is a totally Photoshopped take on what a new Continental might look like, complete with a long hood and long deck. Below that, we have an image of the 2002 Lincoln Continental Concept, which is actually a real thing (it sold at auction recently for $27,500), but is still not the 2016 Continental.

Is Lincoln going to build a new Continental? Possibly. Will it look something like the (not-at-all convincing) Photoshop job that folks are still passing around? Maybe.

Does either image Instagram’d by Paul Wall depict an actual 2016 Continental? No. Not even slightly. Only a turkey would believe that.

On the upside, Paul Wall appears to be the only celebrity to have bought into the hoax. On the downside, calling Paul Wall a celebrity at this point is something of a stretch. Did you pick up his latest album, 2014’s Po Up Poet? No? You’re probably not alone—it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry. Sorry, Ice Man.

Paul Wall Po Up Poet

Forever Alone