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Reactions to Record-High 2014 Hyundai Sales Figures

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2015 Hyundai Elantra Updates 2014 Hyundai Sales

What’s with all the Hyundai-hating?

Sure, the automaker might have miscalculated its fuel efficiency ratings, but that seems to have gotten a disproportionate amount of backlash from critics. In a year of numerous safety recalls, deadly airbags, and unintended acceleration, some fudged numbers are hardly comparable.

Many will try to convince you that Hyundai’s success is plummeting, but that’s not the case. In fact, 2014 Hyundai sales in America were up for the seventh straight year, totaling 725,718 the past twelve months.

That’s an all-time company-best.

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Record-High 2014 Hyundai Sales Prove the Brand Is Alive and Kicking

Many are drawing attention to the Hyundai Motor Group’s chairman’s projections for 2015, noting it will be the automaker’s slowest growth in nine years as it struggles with production capacity. Obviously, that’s why the automaker is intending to invest $73.7 billion in factories and expansions over the next four years. The automaker first announced it would be slowing its growth in 2012, but look how the automaker’s sales did in 2014.

But slower growth isn’t the same as recession.

Around the world, Hyundai experienced notable success in 2014. The brand had its best sales in India since entering the market 16 years ago. 2014 was also the first time Hyundai broke 100,000 sales in the Australian market.

“We ended the year on a high note,” said Bob Pradzinski, vice president of national sales. “And it was evident that the CUV segment was red hot with our exceptional sales for the year for both Santa Fe and Tucson.” Santa Fe sales were up 21.5% and Tucson sales were up 13%. Elantra and Sonata sales still account for most of Hyundai’s US numbers, making up 60% of the total sales.

Hyundai has come a long way since 2009, nearly doubling its yearly sales in five years. Even if the automaker’s growth rate temporarily decreases as it invests in expansion, it’s still doing quite well.

Take that, haters.

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