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Everybody Can Relax, We’re Getting a Nissan Super Bowl Commercial This Year

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Nissan Super Bowl

That’s totally the wrong kind of helmet. That’s okay. You’re probably rusty.

What do Nissan and the Dallas Cowboys have in common? Neither has seen a Super Bowl since the late ‘90s.


Given the announcement made this week by the automaker that there will be a Nissan Super Bowl ad during this year’s game, marking the first time that it has had a presence during what is arguably the grandest yearly spectacle on Earth since 1997, we can guarantee that at least one of the two will see action in the NFL championship game this year.

As for the Cowboys? Well, does Jerry Jones still own the team? Oh, he does? Well, good luck with that.

“This is a great time for Nissan to make a big brand statement in front of one of the largest global audiences of the year,” said Fred Diaz, senior vice president, Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations U.S., Nissan North America, Inc. “Nissan is on pace for its best sales year ever in the United States – and that’s with five weeks still to go in 2014. We’re not about to let up on the accelerator now, or in 2015, with the upcoming launches of the all-new 2015 Nissan Murano crossover and several other critical new vehicles.”

Whether Diaz’ statement indicates that Nissan will use its platform to promote the Murano is not certain, but it would certainly make sense to use the Super Bowl to bolster public awareness of its new crossover.

Stay tuned, as it’s likely that more details about the Nissan Super Bowl ad—as well as the ads of other automakers—will be revealed over the course of the next two months (as will the inevitable realization that the Cowboys are, at best, an easy first-round out).