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Rent out Your Car and Earn Some Extra Cash with Turo

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Besides hiring out your driving skills via rideshare platforms like Uber or Lyft, there are quite a few options for making money with your own car. More and more people are flocking to the rental industry as a way to make some extra cash. Although lesser known, renting out your car is another great way to supplement your pay check.

Turo is one of the primary platforms where users can rent a car or list your car for others to rent gives it an 8.7 out of 10 rating. Like its housing rental equivalent, Airbnb, Turo keeps users accountable and encourages excellent communication and honest transactions based on a rating system. They also offer users a protection plan featuring 24/7 roadside assistance and a liability insurance of $1 million.


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Exactly how does this service work? For renting a car, just sign up for Turo via your email or Google or Facebook account. Once Turo verifies you as a legitimate person (sorry, no robots allowed…) and confirms your eligibility, you become an approved driver for the service. Turo lets you search for local rental cars, then book a car. The car owner then has 8 hours to confirm or deny your request to book their car. Next, you either meet the owner to pick up the car or else the car owner will drop off the car for your use. When your rental period is over, simply refill the tank and return the car to the owner.

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For listing your car for others to rent, simply create a free listing on Turo and add a description and pictures. Use can use the Turo calendar feature to keep prospective renters up to date with your car’s availability. Turo notifies you when someone books your car for rental. You can either approve or disapprove the request. If you approve the request, you then arrange for the renter to pick up your car. Once the rental period is over, you can pick up your car and rate the renter on Turo.

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Though not for everyone, Turo is a great option for anyone willing to rent out their car for some extra cash. With a solid accountability rating system and great reviews, Turo seems like a perfect way to have peace of mind while making more money.

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