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New Rental Car Security Feature: Snakes!

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Snake in Rental Car 1 Rental Car Security Feature

While uncommon, snakes make great rental car security features
Photo:WMTW-TV, courtesy of the Kennebunk Police Department

The next time you think about hijacking a rental car and going for a joy ride, you might want to check the trunk for a brand new rental car security feature: a live snake!

Actually, in the case of two women who rented a car in Boston, Massachusetts, the snake wasn’t intentionally placed in the car’s trunk by the rental agency– as far as everyone claims.

Rather, it seems the snake hitched a ride in the rental car and gave two women a real fright!

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What You’re Seeing Isn’t Actually a Rental Car Security Feature, Thank God…

While anti-theft snakes sound like a brilliant idea for rental cars, it was no laughing matter to two women who found a slithering reptile in their rented car’s trunk.

Two women, who remain unnamed (though we assume they possess actual names), were driving to Kennebuck, Maine, from Logan International Airport in Boston. After loading up their bags and driving the 90 minute route via rental car, the two unsuspecting ladies uncovered a four-foot, non-poisonous ball python straddling their luggage.

Kennebunk Deputy Police Chief Dan Jones said, “They were pretty shaken up,” as, granted, 90% of people would be. He and officers removed the snake by luring it into a pillowcase and transporting it to Sparks Ark Animal Services in New Gloucester. “They wanted a new rental car even after we removed the snake.”

Ball pythons, while not traditionally used as a rental car security feature, are docile and common in American homes as pets. Commonly bred in captivity (or, apparently, in trunks), they make fine companions– when they’re not busy scaring New Englanders.

Perhaps Samuel L. Jackson will bring his foul-mouthed screen charisma to the upcoming Hollywood adaptation of the real life event, Snakes on a Rental Car. 

“I’ve had it with these motherlovin’ snakes in this motherlovin’ rental car!”

Snakes on a Plane

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