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Report: Aluminum Hood Camry will Debut in 2018

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aluminum hood Camry

Report: Aluminum Hood Camry will Debut in 2018 (Pictured: the 2015 Camry)

Across the industry, automakers are aiming to improve their most popular vehicles’ fuel efficiency, as customers’ demands for more eco-friendly cars rises. One effective way to increase a car’s mpg rating is to lighten the body, and using aluminum is a great way to do this. Ford did it for the 2015 F-150, cutting up to 700 pounds of weight. And now Toyota will reportedly do it with the 2018 Camry in order to continue the sedan’s streak as top-seller in its segment.

While the aluminum in the Camry won’t be much—Automotive News reports that the only aluminum body part of the 2018 Camry will be the hood—it’ll be a step towards a more efficient sedan. Additionally, since the Camry is so popular, adding aluminum to its body will put pressure on aluminum suppliers. If the reports are true, Toyota will source the aluminum sheets needed for the Camry’s hood from Kobe Steel.

While the Camry will have to wait until 2018 to see this change, Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus, will get an aluminum hood and liftgate on its 2016 RX 350, reports Automotive News.

Although the aluminum hood Camry is a few years away, we’re sure to see other models precede it or follow in its footsteps as the use of aluminum in auto manufacturing becomes more popular.

News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)