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Report: CT6 Coming to Europe, Because Duh

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Cadillac CT6

Your first look at the Cadillac CT6

To this point, there has been no official word on whether Cadillac intends to bring its upcoming CT6 flagship sedan to the European market—or anywhere else in the world for that matter. The conclusion that Cadillac would eventually offer its bright-and-shiny line-topper in markets other than America could be charitably described as foregone, so it’s possible that the lack of confirmation may simply be due to the fact that nobody feels the need to ask.

Not so with Inautonews, who contacted a Cadillac rep about the CT6’s future in Europe. They then wrote that “the upcoming Cadillac CT6 will be offered outside of the U.S. too as this will be arriving on the Old Continent, later on this year.” Boy. That sure is some sentence there.

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But there are more sentences! Lots, in fact. Here are two more:

According to a Cadillac representative, the new CT6 flagship will be offered for sale in Europe too and this will be the second market right after the United States. The model in question should arrive on the Old Continent by the end of this year or even early 2016 and, unlike its U.S. version, it is also expected to pack a diesel engine.

So there you have it. Cadillac, a brand that wants to compete with its European luxury counterparts and is attempting to revamp itself as an entity that is almost entirely separate from General Motors, will sell its latest car in Europe. Now you know.

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News Source: Inautonews