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Report: Dealers Killed RC Convertible For 3-Row Crossover

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Hey, do you folks remember that sharp, shiny yellow LF-C2 concept that Lexus rolled out at the LA Auto Show a week and a half ago? Didn’t see it? Here. Drink in these pictures, because it’s likely the last you’re ever going to see of it.

Dealers Killed RC Convertible

Lexus LF-C2: we hardly knew yeReport

Did we mention this thing is sharp? Because ANGLES.

Gallery: ANGLES



Naturally, a lot of folks assumed that these kinks (read: ANGLES) would be worked out so that the LF-C2 could eventually become the Lexus RC convertible. What we hadn’t bargained for, however, was a whole bunch of really angry Lexus dealers who scolded the brand for having misplaced priorities the same way your mother would after buying a flatscreen TV during your fourth month of surfing on her couch so that you can “take some time to save some money and sort things out, man.”

See, these dealers kvetched and cajoled Lexus to kill the production version of the LF-C2 years before the concept was even built. Lexus had been planning on a convertible RC for some time, and when dealers found out that they were favoring this instead of making a three-row crossover, they—pardon our Southern French—lost their gotdang minds.

2014 Lexus GX

The eventual three-row SUV could replace the GX by 2018

The result: Lexus is now focusing on a three-row RWD crossover that will likely replace the GX sometime around 2018. And, sure, that’s fair enough: Lexus needs volume sales to stay competitive, and there’s no segment more primed for conquest sales than crossovers.

Convertibles, on the other hand? Well, if Lexus is lucky, they might could sell a couple hundred of those.

Our only question: when it debuts at some far-off auto show, will it ANGLES?

News Source: MotorTrend