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More on the Restoration of the One Millionth Corvette

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Restoration of the One Millionth Corvette

The one millionth Corvette (in white), pre-restoration

GM recently announced that restoration of the one millionth Corvette (which was greatly damaged in the sinkhole incident at the National Corvette Museum in February of this year) would begin soon. The one millionth Corvette, a ’92, is the second of three Corvettes to be restored. The other five Corvettes that were damaged in the sinkhole will remain in their damaged conditions.

Now, The Detroit News is reporting that restoration of the one millionth Corvette, which will begin next year, will likely take six months, but could take longer: “however long it takes to make sure it’s done right,” according to David Bolognino, who is the director of GM Design Fabrication Operations in Warren, Michigan.

Reportedly, the car is still covered in the remnants of its dive into the sinkhole—both cement and dirt are visible throughout the car, including in a broken taillight, on the hood, on the floor, and on the rear. It’s also got serious damage to the front fender, the rear suspension, and the exterior paint. The interior is in surprisingly decent condition. The real trouble, however, is with the windshield, which is smashed to bits.

Bolognino remarked, “I think the hardest thing to repair will be this windshield trim ring. That’s part of the structure and goes all the way down into the door pillars.”

Bolognino estimates that anywhere from 20 to 25 of his employees will be involved in the restoration process.

The Blue Devil (a 2009 Corvette ZR1) has already been restored and is waiting in storage while the museum works on filling the sinkhole.

News Source: The Detroit News