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The Return of the Viper to Le Mans Is In the Works

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But Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is not behind this joyous news

Return of the Viper to Le Mans

The Viper GTS-R

Fans of all things Dodge—or at least the Viper—wept last year when Chrysler Group (now Fiat Chrysler) first removed the Viper from Le Mans last March and then followed that move by pulling all Vipers from the US series in October, which pretty much ended the entire Viper racing program all together.

Or so we thought.

Riley Technologies, a North Carolina-based constructor that led the racing program for the Viper GTS-R, isn’t going to let Viper racing die without a fight. In fact, the company is attempting to get to France with some Vipers to compete in Le Mans, but without the backing of Fiat Chrysler.

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“Yes, it’s true,” Bill Riley of Riley Technologies told RACER. “We’re talking to some people about GTE Pro and GTE Am. Nothing is done, but with the Le Mans entry deadline closing in a few weeks, we need to get something going quick. We’d love to run the Vipers at Le Mans again, and these cars are too good to sit idle.”

There are a lot of ifs on the table at present, some big ifs that could prevent this potential return of the Viper to Le Mans and racing in general. Riley obviously needs some funding and some drivers to man the cars. Plus, the company needs to get its entries in on time and have them accepted. But if it all pans out, Riley will be able to take the “same personnel that ran the GTLM Vipers” in 2014 and kick some butt.

“There’s nothing more I’d like to see us than us back at Le Mans, the Riley name on the entry list, and going hard with our Vipers which have been completely transformed since our first time there,” said Riley. “It’s a pretty exciting program to put together, but we’re also getting close to the entry deadline. I’m hoping we can get everything together in time to make it happen.”

We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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News Source: RACER