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Rev App: The Dr. Doolittle of Car Apps

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REV AppIt’s likely at some point in your life you wished that your car could respond to you when you asked, “What’s wrong?” Whether it’s a shaking sound from your car’s engine or the inability for it to accelerate well, it can be difficult to translate “car” into Standard English unless you’ve got a truly keen ear. For those of us who are completely illiterate when it comes to car, there’s a new piece of technology that solves all our problems—the Rev app!

This app, made specifically for the iPhone or iPod Touch, monitors, displays, and records your car’s real-time data. It communicates with your car’s engine control unit (ECU) through its on board diagnostics port (OBD-II) to gather important information.

Some of this information includes vehicle speed, including your 0-60 time, RPM, fuel consumption, engine coolant temperature, and fuel pressure. It even shows you how to reset your pesky Check Engine light (because we know there’s nothing more annoying than a rogue Check Engine light).

If you want to see exactly what the Rev app is capable of, check out this awesome preview video to get a taste.

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