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‘Riverdale’ Rivals Go Head to Head in Drag Race to Rule South Side High

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Students from both schools showed up for the event that was supposed to be kept quiet

If you thought the murder of Riverdale High’s Jason Blossom—and the subsequent reveal of his murderer—was suspenseful in season one of the CW show Riverdale, then hold on to your hats. Season two of the teen drama is even more heart-pumping, with a brand new murderer on the loose in the town with pep.


Season one left off with Archie’s father Fred getting shot by a masked man in Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe during what seemed to be a robbery. Thankfully, Fred recovered and, after the unfolding of some events, we learned that the attack was planned. Or at least, that’s what someone wants us to believe.


South Side vs. North Side

As the residents of Riverdale are constantly looking over their shoulders because of the Black Hood, another battle is happening between Jughead and the Southside Serpents in the sixth episode of season two, titled “Death Proof.” After a drug raid at South Side High sent multiple Serpents to juvie, resident old dude and sketchy Serpent Tall Boy thinks an alliance between the Serpents and their longtime rivals, the Ghoulies, is needed to take down the North Side.

Following a panicked conversation with his imprisoned father, Jughead instead challenges the Ghoulies representative, Malachi, to a drag race to determine which gang would rule South Side High. Jughead’s former North Side High classmate Reggie Mantle offered up his 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS for the race but it needed to be repaired by none other than Juggie’s ex-girlfriend and reluctant Black Hood BFF, Betty Cooper.

fp jones jail serpents drag race ghoulies riverdale

Photo: Warner Bros. Television, 2017

archie jughead fp jail drag race serpents ghoulies

Photo: Warner Bros. Television, 2017


An unexpected turn of events

As FP Jones (Jughead’s father) said during their conversation, Malachi would be racing in that “crazy retro souped up car”—a late 1940s red Ford Tudor Street Rod, complete with flames on the hood. With Cheryl Blossom standing in the middle of the road, red scarf in hand, the race started down the deserted road. In typical Grease fashion, Malachi started ramming his hot rod into the side of Jughead’s ride, with Archie getting increasingly nervous in the passenger’s seat.

jughead malachi drag race terms handshake riverdale

jughead archie riverdale drag race

Eventually, the two cars started approaching a narrow bridge, with Archie insisting that Jughead let Malachi pass so they wouldn’t crash. Jughead was intent on winning, but Archie ended up pulling the emergency brake, stopping the race for the Chevelle, sending Jughead into a fit of rage. Although Archie’s initial concern was crashing, we find out later that he had actually tipped off the cops (lame) and had the Ghoulies arrested for drag racing, sending Jughead into an even larger fit of rage. Way to go, Archiekins.

cops ghoulies drag race riverdale

As noted previously here at The News Wheel, cars have played a vital role in the show’s plot. There’s no doubt that this race will push more of the story forward as we learn about the Black Hood and exactly what is happening in the small yet scandalous town of Riverdale.


Watch the full drag race in the clip below:

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