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Off-Road Chevy Colorado Teaser Appears on Twitter

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Chevy knows how to do one thing really well, and one thing really poorly. What can it do well? It can get us pumped for upcoming auto shows by dropping teasers of its debut models willy-nilly all over Facebook and the Twittersphere. And what can it do poorly? One word: Photoshop. No, seriously, look at how awful this is:

off-road Chevy Colorado teaser

This off-road Chevy Colorado teaser photo appeared on Twitter. The Photoshop work was done by a two-year-old monkey named Mr. Grapes.

Despite the shoddy work, the teaser has us pretty amped. The image appeared yesterday in the early afternoon with the following text: “Off roading will never be the same after tomorrow. Stay tuned to the @LAAutoShow to see why.” That’s right, we should be seeing the off-road Chevy Colorado of our dreams today in Los Angeles, if this tweet means what we think it does. Check out the tweet for yourself:

An off-road Chevy Colorado is an absolute necessity as Chevy looks to take on the Ford Raptor, and based on that 2015 Colorado that Chevy put out this year, the General just might have the stuff to make the Colorado emerge victorious.

Stick around The News Wheel today for confirmation, when Chevy unveils the new Colorado variant. Let’s just hope they have the physical truck in LA, and not just more wonderfully Photoshopped pictures…