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Road Trip Gear: Roof Top Tent

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Road trips require a lot of packing, especially if you’re camping along the way. On top of all of your luggage with clothing and other necessities, you have to worry about the tent. When you’re running low on cargo space, it can be difficult to fit everything in the car.

Model Overview: 2017 Subaru BRZ

To help solve that problem, companies are introducing a roof top tent. The tent attaches to the roof rack of nearly any vehicle and opens up to fit a king-size mattress and up to four people. Plus, the tent itself only weighs 150 pounds, making it easy for you and a friend to assemble it on the top of your vehicle before hitting the road.

Dimensions and weight limitations will vary depending on the brand you choose, but all roof top tents have one thing in common: they free up space inside your vehicle.

Without a tent, sleeping bags, and other lodging items taking up space in your trunk, you and your family can stock up on food, bug spray, or any other supplies you may have had to purchase along the way. You may even have enough room to bring along additional passengers, making your road trip party even bigger and better than ever.

If the tent itself isn’t enough space for you, there are awnings and additional rooms as available add-ons. You can enjoy a multi-room tent as well as a covered outdoor social space from anywhere you decide to stop on your road trip.

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But before you run out and purchase one, consider your car’s towing capacity and other limitations. While the tent floor may be able to support up to 900 lbs, you may risk going over the weight limit of your own vehicle.

Camping throughout your road trip can be a lot of fun, but it’s always nice to have a little extra cargo space in the back of your vehicle. Would you use a roof top tent on your next road trip?