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[PHOTOS] Robin Bark Creates Limited-Edition Mustang Fastback Sculptures

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Mustang Fastback Sculptures

Limited-edition Mustang Fastback sculptures

Fans of the 1965 Ford Mustang fastback may find it difficult to get their hands on the vintage car, but it’s making a miniature comeback as part of 50 years of Mustang celebrations via limited-edition Mustang Fastback sculptures. [ See more images in the gallery below ] U.K.-based artist Robin Bark, who specializes in industrial design, graphic design ceramics, and metalworks, is a big fan of Mustangs and cars in general. His latest project includes the iconic pony car, which he has turned into a limited-edition collectible sculpture.

Being his first American car sculpture, the task was a unique challenge for Bark. He started with an extensive collection of photos of the Mustang, which were then translated into rough engineering drawings. He then shaped an initial model in clay, which was converted into resin to see how it plays with light. From there, he cast an aluminum prototype while attempting to remain as true to the fundamental shape of the car as possible without adding too many distracting lines and features.

Bark will be hand-crafting a total of 500 1965 Mustang fastback sculptures, all of which he will sign and number and place in a commemorative wood box. Visit his website to get yours! See more images in our gallery: