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Roush 2015 Mustang Teaser: Worth 31 Words and a Hashtag

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Roush 2015 MustangA picture is worth a thousand words, according to science. What, then, would be the total cumulative value of words attributable to one of those teaser pictures that depicts an almost pitch-darkened room with just enough light to reveal the vague hint of a vehicle’s profile? According to Roush, who set the stage for their take on the 2015 Ford Mustang with one such teaser image, 31 words and a hashtag.

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So what can we discern from this particular teaser about the Roush 2015 Mustang? Well, it has a roof. A fastback, to be specific (sorry, hatchback-lovers). Also, what appears to be a hood and at least two tires, though sources close to people who make cars say that there will probably be no less than four to ensure proper performance.

So if this particular teaser for the Roush 2015 Mustang is only worth 31 words and a hashtag, here’s what we’ve cooked up:

The Roush 2015 Mustang will be a car with a roof and wheels and probably an engine or two. You will want to drive it, we think. Stay tuned for more. #YOLO

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