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Rumor: Lexus Hydrogen Luxury Car May Be In The Works

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Lexus LS Hydrogen Car

Lexus LS – Possible hydrogen fuel cell candidate.

Toyota is making waves in the green driving community with their Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, which is making many reconsider the feasibility of hydrogen-powered transportation for the better. Maybe we’re finally getting over the Hindenburg after all.

The success of the Mirai has many speculating if the automaker will bring the hydrogen tech over to their luxury Lexus brand, and the Australian magazine Motoring claims to have an inside source that says the Lexus LS is getting the hydrogen treatment in the near future.

Toyota Mirai fuel-cell car

Toyota Mirai

If you’re not familiar with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, they work by simply combining hydrogen gas with the oxygen in the air to produce electricity that powers the wheels. The only byproducts of this process are heat and pure H2O, making this method of transportation very environmentally friendly and relatively sustainable long-term. The biggest obstacles that hydrogen cars are currently facing are getting the infrastructure in place across the US to fuel the vehicles and determining a way to accurately measure how much hydrogen gas is dispensed at the pump.

It will be interesting to see how these rumors play out. If the Mirai turns out to be a success, one could expect to see more hydrogen Toyota models as well as Lexus hydrogen luxury cars in the next ten years or so. Toyota just recently released its fuel-cell related patents and research to the world with open license to encourage other automakers to jump on board the big hydrogen-filled Zeppelin to sustainable transportation (too soon?). Let us know your argument for or against hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the comments.