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Rumor: New BMW M8 Set to Arrive in 2019

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Could the long-awaited supercar model from BMW finally be on its way?

A potential look at the new BMW 8-Series of vehiclesPhoto:AutoEvolution

A potential look at the new BMW 8 Series of vehicles
Photo: autoevolution

One of the most mysterious models to ever be designed by the team at BMW was the BMW M8. Envisioned as a supercar competitor to the Ferrari brand, the M8 only truly reached the conceptual stage before its production met an abrupt end.

However, according to the reports from BMW Blog, the M8 might be receiving another lease of life. Indeed, BMW Blog reports that a new BMW M8 is set to arrive in 2019.

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Inside sources close to BMW Blog report that the M8 nameplate will be resurrected for the 2019 model year. Based upon the upcoming BMW 8 Series of vehicles, this M8 model will be the high-end vehicle that BMW fans have been demanding for decades.

Not only that, but the M8 is reported to have three different models. This includes an M8 Coupe, M8 Convertible, and M8 Gran Coupe.

The BMW 8-Series could be making a comebackPhoto:The Car Spy

The BMW 8 Series could be making a comeback
Photo: The Car Spy

BMW Blog speculates that the M8 will come equipped with a reworked version of BMW’s 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, just like the upcoming BMW M5. The engine, which could theoretically produce around 600 horsepower, is said to be paired with an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

BMW’s standard dual-clutch transmission cannot handle the M8’s reported power output, nor is it set up for all-wheel drive, which the BMW M8 is rumored to include.

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Only one prototype model for the original M8 was ever built. It remained hidden until 2010, when it was unveiled to automotive journalists during an event at the BMW Museum.

While the reported development of the BMW 8 Series and M8 vehicles is exciting, it does mean that production for the BMW 6 Series and M6 has probably come to an end, at least for now. Nevertheless, if the whispers concerning the BMW M8 are true, then there is a lot to look forward to from BMW in the near future.

News Source: BMW Blog