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Rumor: Nissan Could Be Working on a Navara NISMO

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Navara NISMO

Could Nissan bring out a Navara NISMO to satiate performance hounds?

Is Nissan thinking about bringing a performance edge to its more practical-minded vehicles? It’s a possibility, and it’s certainly one that has us interested.

According to CarAdvice, Nissan sales and marketing chief Darren Cox says that the automaker is considering a Navara NISMO for global markets. Depending on how this would go over (read: probably really well) and how many similarities there might end up being between the Navara and the Frontier (read: maybe a lot, possibly, but we’ll see), that could lead to NISMO pickup trucks in the US before too long.

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Said Cox:

“In terms of product we need to be credible, [a NISMO] pickup would be a massive seller for Nissan all around the world as it’s very much a global product. I imagine a lot of people would be asking if we could do a NISMO job, but it’s something very different to what we currently do today. NISMO has to be a credible production car from Nissan that’s sporty and therefore we study the implications of that, a pickup could be an interesting product because of its global nature when we go into other markets.”

We’ve already seen the NISMO brand applied to the JUKE, resulting in the NISMO-tuned JUKE NISMO and the more-powerful 215 horsepower NISMO RS, both of which are pretty wonderful.

Navara NISMO

2015 Nissan JUKE NISMO RS: pretty, wonderful

If Nissan cultivates a spot in its lineup for the Navara NISMO, which would then lead to a Frontier NISMO or perhaps even a Titan NISMO, we imagine that there would be very few complaints.

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