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Russ Ruedisueli Dishes on the Hellcat Engine

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Russ Ruedisueli dishes on the Hellcat Engine

Russ Ruedisueli dishes on the Hellcat Engine

It’s no secret that Dodge has been dominating the summer with the all-new 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat and the 2015 Charger SRT Hellcat. Fans can’t seem to get enough of the 707-horsepower monsters. Recently, SRT Engineering superstar, Russ Ruedisueli, sat down for a webcast with John McElroy on “Autoline After Hours,” to dish on the Hellcat engine. Ruedisueli and McElroy were joined by Gary Vasilash of Automotive Design and Production and Chris Paukert of Autoblog, as well as a Challenger SRT Hellcat in the flesh.

Russ Ruedisueli dishes on the Hellcat Engine

The Hellcat that Russ brought along

During the webcast, Ruedisueli took questions on the Hellcat engine not just from the interviewers, but also from callers and social media posts. While he couldn’t answer every question, as he refused to speak about future products, he did reveal a number of interesting facts about the Hellcat engine.

For instance, the original target output for the powertrain was actually 700 hp. “Out engine guys over-delivered a bit, which is awesome,” he commented. Also of interest: SRT models are not electronically speed limited, and every Hellcat engine spends 42 minutes on a dynamometer before being shipped for assembly.

For more interesting info on the engine, check out the entire webcast below:

Source: Autoline