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Russians Beat US for Hosting Largest Gathering of Subarus

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2015 Subaru WRX STI - gathering of subarus in russia

A parade of 549 Subarus, including the WRX, set a new Guinness World Record at Moscow Speedway over the weekend

Until last weekend, the United States held the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of Subarus ever recorded. However, at the annual SubaFest held in Moscow, Russia, that distinction was taken away.

We beat them to the moon; they gather more of the same kind of car in one place. Both impressive feats, eh?

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The previous record was set on July 13, 2013, when 371 Subaru vehicles, including the Forester, Outback, and WRX, gathered in one place here in the United States. To break the record, Russia had to gather at least 400 Subarus. Seeing as SubaFest gathered 4,000 Subaru fans and about 1,000 cars, it couldn’t be too difficult a feat, right?


Setting the record is a lot more difficult than just parking a bunch of Subarus in the same place. Instead, all the participating Subarus (549 in total) had to travel three kilometers without stopping, and at no time could there be a distance of more than two cars between participating Subaru vehicles. In total, it took the 549 Subarus two-and-a-half hours to break the record at Moscow Speedway. The vehicles traveled between 5 and 7 km/h (between 3 and 4 mph).

“This record is very complex from a technical point of view. It is important to the effort of each participant, because one mistake can cost a person the record,” remarked Glen Pollard, a Guinness World Records spokesman who certified the achievement and presented the certificate. “But today you have proven that together you can achieve a lot. So today I solemnly declare that you are officially awesome!”

But probably not awesome enough to hold the record for long. It’s no secret that we in the United States don’t like to lose, especially to those gosh darn Russians, so expect an attempt by avid Subaru fans to break the record very soon.

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  • Patryk1098

    This is pretty silly. This is a record for a rally, not a gathering. Subaru Festivals in the States have beaten this record several times over. They just haven’t bothered to jump through the ridiculous hoops the GBWR has set forth: It’s a rip-off for bragging rights.

  • maserati123


    • Derek

      Uh, quick question…if you don’t care about Subaru news, why are you reading an article about Subaru? Seems like silly time management.

      • maserati123

        I read about all cars,and this is the reason I buy Italian cars,or cars made only by FCA..Hope this answers you question.

    • Phil

      Yah, Alfas are turd, bro. Get a VW.

      • maserati123

        No Bro,NO VW products for me.I actually HATE VW.AnY car company that is afraid to come in to F1 is a TURD.

        • Phil

          I had an Alfa once. It kept falling apart.

        • maserati123

          My friend ,if you can’t drive,any car will fall apart.I have owned Alfas,and now drive a 500 Abarth and a Maserati Grand Turismo,and drive the crap out of them ,and nothing has ever gone wrong or fallen apart.I recommend that you take a driving course.Good Luck.

        • Phil

          Yeah, you’re probably right. I mean, I do drive a school bus, so it’d be wise for me to learn to drive more sensibly, for the kids and all. We have to think of the kids.

          Thanks for looking out for me, maserati123!

        • maserati123

          Hi Phil,thanks for your honesty,I do appreciate it very much,and if you are now driving a bus,I am sure you can manage a car with some practice.I would be happy to give you a few lessons,but only if you buy another you must be a good bus driver, because you transport kids,and to do this you must be a responsible,trusted and careful drive,so a car will be much easier with a little practice.Good Luck Buddy.