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SAIC-GM Earns China Quality Award for Structure and Culture

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SAIC-GM Headquarters

SAIC-GM Headquarters
Photo: © General Motors

In the 15th Annual China Quality Awards, SAIC-GM finished at the top of the heap for its performance management, product quality, and competitiveness in a positively massive industry. The China Quality Awards are distributed by, get this, the China Association for Quality, who determines award winners based on caveats including culture, strategy, and social responsibilities.

Of the nine companies to win awards in 2015, SAIC-GM stood as the only company from Shanghai to take honors. SAIC-GM was praised for, among other things, its infrastructure, its sense of corporate culture, and its utilization of new and evolving technologies.

“SAIC-GM will continue strengthening our manufacturing and management capability while enriching our product portfolio and expanding our operations,” said SAIC-GM President Wang Yongqing. “In the challenging competitive environment, we will also remain focused on innovation and taking our core competitiveness to the next level in order to achieve our strategic goals for 2020.”

The China Quality Award is equivalent to the Deming Prize in Japan, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the United States, and the EFQM Excellence Award in Europe. SAIC-GM was also the 2014 recipient of the Quality Award of the Shanghai Mayor.