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Samsung Safety Truck Uses Rear Display to Make Passing Easy

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A Honda CR-V passes the high-tech Samsung Safety Truck on an Argentinian highway

A Honda CR-V passes the high-tech Samsung Safety Truck on an Argentinian highway

No matter how many rearview or even 360-degree parking cameras you’ve got on your car, it’s pretty much impossible to see around a giant semi truck that you’re stuck behind on a narrow two-lane highway. You could always use a periscope, we suppose, but that would require a lot of effort (not to mention a sunroof).

Or, you could do what most people do: keep swerving gingerly into the left lane, seeing oncoming traffic, swerving back into your own lane, and exclaiming, in your best infomercial-actor-voice, “THERE’S GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY!”

Well here, via the Samsung Safety Truck, is that better way:

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The Samsung Safety Truck uses a built-in wireless camera to capture what’s happening in front of the truck, then uses four rear outdoor monitors to project that video feed to drivers behind the semi.

It’s that simple.

So instead of the Honda CR-V in this video continually inching over the line to see whether or not it’s about to get smashed in a head-on collision, the driver just looks at the giant HD televisions in front of him to see what the road has in store.

Honda CR-V passes Samsung Safety Truck

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Of course, like a lot of great ideas, this definitely isn’t especially practical or likely to ever take effect. The process of adding these to semi trucks is too costly for it to ever be anything more than a marketing stunt. Perhaps the trucks of the future will one day be built with such advanced technologies, but by that time, we might have autonomous technology that makes such features irrelevant.

Guess we’ll just have to keep on using periscopes until then…