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Saying Goodbye to the Fifth-Gen Camaro—2010-2015

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2015 Chevrolet Camaro

A 2015 Chevrolet Camaro

So far, we’ve looked at the first, second, third, and fourth-generations of the classic Chevy Camaro. Now, it’s finally time to pay tribute to the outgoing fifth-gen Camaro, before it’s swept into the dustbin of automotive history on May 16th to make way for the debut of the sixth-gen Camaro.

GM interviewed Chevrolet Camaro exterior design director Tom Peters to get his thoughts on the current Camaro, which takes its design cues from the classic first-gen 1969 Camaro.

“Distilling the timeless essence of the design and translating into a fresh, contemporary Camaro was a challenge,” Peters said. “The final design perfectly straddled that razor-sharp line between heritage and retro – and with five straight years at the top of the segment, clearly the fifth-generation Camaro connected with a whole new group of enthusiasts.”

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fifth-generation Camaro

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Peters’ favorite design elements of the fifth-gen Camaro were present in the 2010 Camaro SS model:

  • It’s all about proportion and sculpture – from the dash-to-axle dimension that suggests performance to the efficient, 2+2 “canopy,” its sculptural design conveys lean power
  • The cross-car, dual-plane grille is a heritage cue reimagined and gives the car a sporty character
  • The sharp body-side crease is a great example of a fundamental, timeless element that is consistent throughout the Camaro’s history and works just as effectively on the fifth-generation
  • Rear fender “gills” pay homage to the iconic cue of the 1969 Camaro
  • Dual-element taillamps are a signature Chevrolet cue
  • The hood evokes the style of the first-gen cowl-induction power bulge
  • Rear-fender kick-up feature adds muscular character to the overall design

“They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and that couldn’t have been truer than as demonstrated with the enthusiasm that followed the introduction of the fifth-generation Camaro,” Peters added. “After an eight-year absence, the return of Camaro was a thunderbolt that reignited the passion of Camaro enthusiasts around the world. It’s a car design for those who like to drive, and its elegant design makes you smile every time.”

Let’s hope the sixth-gen Camaro’s design has the same smile-inducing capabilities.