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Scion FR-S Named a Top Rated Vehicle by

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Scion FR-S Named a Top Rated Vehicle by

Scion FR-S Named a Top Rated Vehicle by

There are a few things that are certain about the internet: everyone there loves cats, Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart, and the Scion FR-S. And what’s not to love about the FR-S, after all? It’s a powerful and affordable sports car that lacks a lot of the pretentiousness that comes along with…you know…owning and driving a sports car. Because the internet so loves the Scion FR-S, and because it is worth every bit of that admiration, it has been named one of one of the Top Rated Vehicles.

“Well-received by critics and consumers alike, the Scion FR-S will no doubt be a future classic for the latest generation of driving enthusiasts,” Editor-In-Chief Scott Oldham told the Scion newsroom. “This sporting Scion has everything those enthusiasts hold dear, such as rear-wheel drive, a spirited engine, an agile chassis and a simple, ergonomically sound cockpit.”

To have the Scion FR-S named a Top Rated Vehicle by Edmunds, it first had to perform superlatively in a standardized road test loop and in a number of durability and performance tests. Having received an overall rating of “A,” the FR-S earned the award the only way it knows how: by performing like a monster.

“Online research plays a vital role in car purchases today, and we are proud recognized the FR-S in its top rated awards,” said Scion Vice President Doug Murtha. “Drivers can count on the FR-S to deliver an experience behind the wheel they will love.”

Doug Murtha knows what’s up. The only way the internet could love the FR-S more would be if it starred as the hero car in a movie about everyone’s absolute favorite bromance that also featured cats and is shot in a Hefe filter.