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Scion Swag Machine to Woo Young Folks at NAIAS

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Scion really wants young drivers to think of it as their brand of choice. Toyota’s smaller sibling is all about making cars that younger generations will see as cool, hip, or whatever word the kids are using to describe neat things these days. In order to help draw young’uns to its exhibit at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Scion is bring out the big guns—technologies.

Scion Swag Machine

The Scion iM Concept will appear alongside the Scion Swag Machine at NAIAS

The technology in question is called the Scion Swag Machine, and it’s the “world’s first Instagram-powered, near field communication (NFC) – enabled vending machine,” according to the automaker’s press release. No clue what that means? Don’t worry, we didn’t either.

Basically, the Scion Swag Machine gives out rewards to attendees who take pictures and post them to Instagram using a specific (and apparently top secret) hashtag. Each time an image is posted, the machine is triggered to unleash one of its many giveaways—hence the swag part.

“The Scion exhibit is all about engagement and connecting with the young consumer in different ways,” explained Landy Joe, Auto Shows and Special Events Manager at Scion. “We designed the exhibit to leverage the power of technology as a platform to showcase our vehicles in an entertaining way.”

Additionally, Scion’s display will also include the Scion Power Player, which is a touchscreen video jukebox monitor that attaches to a phone charger, giving people something to do while waiting to juice up their smartphones. Users can learn all kinds of things about Scion that they didn’t know before, and leave the display with heads full of newfound knowledge.

We have to give Scion props for its attempt to stand out at the 2015 NAIAS, but personally we think that the mere presence of the iM concept will be enough.

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