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A Sneak Peak at Scion’s Redesign Plans

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Shhhhh… We want to share the inside scoop on Scion’s redesign plans, but with the minimal details Scion executives are offering, it’s all pretty hush hush.

Scion's Redesign Plans

Current Scion xB

Here’s what we know: Scion is definitely making plans. While the details are a little hazy, we’re looking for a couple of redesigns and a new model in the upcoming years.

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According to an unidentified source, we are expecting Scion to debut a redesign of the xB hatchback in 2015. None of the executives are confirming those suspicions; however, Doug Murtha, vice president of Toyota Motor Sales’ Scion Division, admitted the current xB and the xD were likely candidates to be replaced by a redesign or new model.

The FR-S is another Scion model headed for some changes. The same unidentified source claims Scion is “pushing hard for a sedan variant of the FR-S” and hopes to begin selling the model in the U.S. by 2016.

In a phone interview with Edmunds, Murtha stated, “In the next two calendar years, we will have a blend of both upgrades to the products we have in the market and at least one new model.”

He added that the new model would “certainly not be a 2017 model.”

Another Toyota executive told Edmunds the company is “looking at a three-year window on a couple of products that we hope come to fruition.”

The secrecy veiling Scion’s redesign plans leave us anxiously waiting to see what will happen next. But we’re sure they did that on purpose. What a tease.

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