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Sebastian Vettel Learns Calligraphy, Compares to F1

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Sebastian Vettel learns calligraphyWhat drives a four-time Formula 1 champion to succeed? Passion, ambition, and maybe a certain dose of recklessness—those certainly help you get into the cockpit of a speed machine that can go around a complicated, sinuous track at an average speed of more than 150 miles per hour. But are they enough to win a Grand Prix, let alone a Formula 1 championship? No.

In a recent video by Infiniti, official sponsor of the Red Bull Racing team, four-time Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel explains his mindset before and during a Grand Prix, and how he applies his mind to improve his racecraft to go for the win.

“The most important qualities are to be passionate and love what you do because finally that’s what drives you,” he explains. “When I’m in the car in the race, my head is nowhere else but in the car.”

The short film depicts Sebastian Vettel as he wanders around the streets of Beijing (a recent stop in the F1 calendar) to visit one of the best Chinese calligraphy masters. There, he learns to write his own name in Chinese as the film attempts to show the similarities between Vettel’s sport and calligraphy as they both strongly emphasize persistence, dedication, and pursuit of perfection.