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Second-Annual Jeep the Mac Event Takes Place Tomorrow

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There’s just something about the Mac that makes it so fun to drive over

There’s something about the Mackinac Bridge that seems to attract automotive enthusiasts. You may be familiar with the MINI on the Mack event, which gathers MINI drivers from around the country to parade across the famous Michigan landmark.

Last year, Jeep owners organized the Jeep the Mac event, which set out to achieve a similar goal, only using Jeeps instead. Tomorrow, April 21, the second-annual Jeep the Mac will take place, and it is expected to be even more popular than last year’s event.

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Drivers will gather early tomorrow morning at the Little Bear Arena in St. Ignace for a “Blessings of the Jeeps.” After this somewhat odd ritual is completed, the Jeep Owners will line up to cross the Mackinac Bridge, heading into Mackinaw City. From there, the owners will loop back across the bridge and return to St. Ignace.

However, the festivities don’t end there. On Saturday, Jeep owners will be able to take a ferry to Turtle Ridge Off-Road Park on Drummond Island. There, they will find more than 100 miles of off-roading trails.

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Nothing odd about driving a bunch of Jeeps in unison
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Last year, 450 Jeep owners took part in the event. Pre-event registration suggests that this year’s turnout will be even larger.

“There is something about people getting to cross the bridge in a group that really makes it special,” said Gina Stegehuis, director of the St. Ignace Visitor’s Bureau. “All these people love their vehicles. They enjoy seeing other enthusiasts.”

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Participation in the event costs a fee of $35 per person to pay for the bridge fare and ferry ride. So if you feel the need to cross a large bridge with your fellow Jeep drivers,  head to St. Ignace, Michigan this weekend for the Jeep the Mac celebration.

News Source: Detroit Free Press