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Self-Driving Nissan LEAF Crashes in California

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2015 Nissan LEAF

California is a popular place to test self-driving cars, and because of that, the state has several laws and regulations in place to track each test and incident. When a car equipped with autonomous technology is involved in a crash, it has to be specially reported to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. While it helps lawmakers understand the technology and be aware if it poses any danger to the public, that also means that we are aware of every incident.

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According to the report and USA Today, on January 8th a Nissan LEAF equipped with self-driving technology being developed by Cruise Automation began to act erratically in its lane, drifting from left to right. The driver then took control of the EV, but was unable to stop it from running into a parked Toyota Prius. Happily, the accident did not injure anyone, and the physical damage to the cars was minor.

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Cruise Automation is working on self-driving technology for the roads of the future, but unlike the automakers conducting research to build new cars, this company is looking to create a product to be put on older vehicles to turn them into autonomous rides. Hopefully they will learn from what caused the crash, so that customers who can’t afford a new self-driving car in the future can still take advantage of the technology’s benefits.

News Source: USA Today