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Sentra and Altima Due for 2016-2017 Refresh

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Sentra and Altima

2014 Nissan Sentra: Yaawwwwn

The Nissan Sentra and Altima are well-received and popular vehicles that serve as two linchpins in the Nissan lineup.

They are also boring. Granted, they are not built to electrify with looks the way that the GT-R or JUKE are, but they’re awfully vanilla even by vanilla standards.

Let’s face it: for as reliable as they are and for as many awards as they win, both models are long overdue for a refresh—particularly with a new-look Maxima and Murano on the way.

According to word out of last week’s Paris Motor Show, both the Sentra and Altima are due for mid-cycle refreshes for either 2016 or 2017. While it’s said that the Sentra will borrow some from the look of the dynamic Pulsar, it will not be offered in a hatchback model (yet).

Sentra and Altima

2015 Nissan Altima: Zzzzzz

Shiro Nakamura, Nissan design chief and senior VP, told The Car Collection that the refreshes will help the Sentra and Altima keep on par with the 2015 Murano and the 2016 Maxima, which are said to boast “futuristic and strong” styling.

“[W]ith the minor change we will have a front end very strong, consistent with the new lineup—Murano, Maxima, Sentra, Altima—all very coherent,” said Nakamura. “And the next generation, they’re also becoming more sporty, but still very affordable and practical—not just sporty.”

Did you get all that? The new Sentra and Altima will be sporty but also affordable and practical and also sporty. So they’ll be sporty, then?

That sounds good, but is there really anything more practical than a hatchback? So then why not seriously consider a Sentra and Altima hatchback? Why, that sure would make a lot of folks happy!

Nakamura noted that Nissan has been reticent to significantly change the Sentra and Altima because of how well they sell, leading to an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it mentality.” Given the demand for more dynamic looking cars and Nissan’s willingness to provide just that, sportier versions of the Sentra and Altima are only natural.